Sunday, September 25, 2011

Purchase History

I'm the third owner. I saw this Silver Wing (FSC600 - non ABS) listed on Craigslist for $2800 and spoke with the owner a few times on the phone. Although it had a few miles (22,149) it was still low by Silver Wing standards.

Purchase date was July 28th ... and I had it titled and registered by the 29th. Plate swap from the 150cc (which I sold on Craigslist for $500), so I still have my low digit reserve ZX99. Insurance is the same as the 150cc ... $95 through Progressive (no comprehensive / collision).

This bike rides great .. smooth, powerful, solid. The seller had replaced the tires within the last couple of hundred miles (they look new with full tread). The seller had a Honda service manual, which is an incredibly written, illustrated manual.

The next week I had it serviced at SmoothScooters in West Medford. I asked Frank to do the full 24K mile service as spec-ed in the service manual, plus a new Honda OEM CVT belt (Frank doubts the original belt was replaced). Frank also replaced the variator rollers -- the originals were getting worn. Frank used synthetic 10W-40 in the engine ... so I'll stick with synthetic going forward. The bike now has fresh oil (motor and gear), brake fluid, coolant, and has been well inspected.

I haven't ridden it much yet ... (odometer today is at 22460), but I plan to !

Update ...

1st service records at:

2003 Honda Silverwing

2003 Honda Silverwing by goodharbor
2003 Honda Silverwing, a photo by goodharbor on Flickr.

I was done the 150cc ... time for a two cylinder, fuel injected, liquid cooled, 582cc machine from the best ... Honda.

2003 Honda Silverwing - Rear