Monday, June 15, 2015

First Oil Change for the PCX150

@ 602 miles.

Valvoline 10W-30 SYNPower.

Easy change ... sockets 17MM sock for oil screen plug, 12MM for oil drain plug, 8MM to move the rear brake cable holder.

A small bit of metal  in the oil screen removed (this was the first oil change). Otherwise, everything was in great shape. Plugs fitted to the specified  torque.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Spark Plugs at 31755

The maintenance schedule says replace every 8000 miles ... I hit the number, so I bought and installed 2 NGK CR8EHIX-9 Iridium plugs ( about $8 each on Amazon).

(actually, the plugs were last replaced at 22,460 miles, so they were in for 9,295 miles. They still looked fine)

My tips 

  • Use a 10"  long socket extension to clear the seat ...
  • The right side spark plug cap (with extension) barely clears ... takes a while to displace
  • No anti-seize required
  • A spark plug socket with a rubber insert is handy to remove the plug after loosening
  • Torque as per the diagram on the box ... 1/8 turn after seating. Owners manual says first give it a 1/2 turn , loosen again, re-seat, and the go 1/8 turn.  

A fairly straight forward job.