Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Off Topic: Limited Uses Vehicle

After 8 years, the 50cc Honda Metropolitan CHF50 has been reclassified by the RMV as a "Limited Use Vehicle" (LU) ... no longer as a Moped.

So, now it needs to be titled, registered, insured, inspected, and excise tax needs to be paid. Also, a license with an M endorsement (or M endorsement with a J restriction for Limited Use Vehicles) is required to ride it. Also, it can not be used on roads marked with a speed limit greater than 40 MPH (but it may be ridden up to 40MPH where the moped restriction was 25MPH).

To get the bike titled and registered, I needed an RMV-1 from my insurance company (type of vehicle is "Motorcycle" ... registration ttype is "MCS LU"). All I had for paperwork on the bike was my last and first Moped registrations, the original bill of sale (no MCO) , and the RMV letter that informed me of the new LU classification. The clerk at the Wilmington RMV had done these before ... apparently people are unhappy, but are going through the process. The lack of an MCO was no problem, even though this was the first titling of the bike.

We now have a LU plate

Motorcycle Reserve Limited Use LU4405 on the CHF50

Motorcycle Reserve Limited Use LU4405

LU4405 (Motorcycle Special Plate) MCS