Monday, November 11, 2013

Ordered new tires ...

Getting close to the wear bars on the rear ... since I bought the bike used, with tires of unknown milage, I'll have a new set installed. Just ordered DUNLOP® SX01 Scooter tires from Cycles 128 in Beverly . When they're in, I'll ride down to have them installed.

Front ... 

Rear ...



Tire in and installed today. Very nice. Mileage: 27,495.

New valve stems, and an oil / filter change too. Tires installed for $100 (2.5 hours of labor, 1/2 off when tires purchased at the shop.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Headllight Lamps at 27369

Noticed this morning that the (upper)  low beam lamp was out ... rode the day with the high beam (lower) on only. Stopped off for two H7 halogen bulbs at Napa Auto Parts in North Reading (part # 1255H7, $10 each) and replaced both tonight. Easy job --- remove front "garnish", remove plug, remove rubber boot, unclip socket, remove bulb with socket. Replace bulb in socket (without touching the glass !) and refit all ...

I did both headlights since I don't know when either (or if) either had ever been replaced.

Maybe I'll get another 27K miles out of these ?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

First day of the season for the Metro

We rode together to the Lobster Pool in Rockport for lunch ... a cool-ish 50 degrees. The Metro odometer at the start  of the season read 8987 ... which is 938 "real miles" due to the speedometer change.

Winterizing both bikes was perfect ... tanks filled with gas treated with Sta-Bil. Batteries left on bikes, with the trickle charger on all winter. ( Schumacher/1.5 Amp trickle battery charger, SE-1562A). Each bike battery is fitted with a white Molex plastic 2-pin connector to easily connect / disconnect the charger.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

First ride of the season - 2013 !

Back on the road for 2013 ... starting out at odometer 25093. Nice 25 mile ride around Cape Ann this afternoon.