Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nice ride to Plaistow, NH and back today ...

Very pleasant ... Haverhill was looking good. Plaistow Center is a nice NH village. The merge on to 114 at Boston Hill Farms took a few minutes.

About 58 miles round trip ....

Off Topic: Replaced Speedo on the CHF50

CHF50 Speedo-2 by goodharbor
CHF50 Speedo-2, a photo by goodharbor on Flickr.

I was about to drain some old gas from my wife's 2003 Honda Metropolitan (CHF50) when one thing lead to another and I totally busted the speedo's lens, cracked the white case that supports the meter to the frame, and chipped the blue front cover.

Replacements OEM parts would run over $150 ... but I found a complete unit on eBay for $50 including shipping.

One issue ... the replacement odometer is at 8565 miles, while the original is only 516. So, going forward, subtract 8049 miles from the odometer to get the Metro's real mileage.

This will hurt resale value, but the bike is already 8 years old (and only 516 miles !) ... re-sale value is low to begin with.

Rear of the replacement speedo (good view of the white case):

CHF50 Speedo-3

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lunchtime Ride

Very fun 20 mile loop. Grabbed a sandwich a Via Largo in Lexington Center (and ate it on the Battle Green). Nice fall colors ... quiet traffic.

Ended the day with the odometer at 22,769. Gas mileage a consistent 50MPG.