Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oil Leak and fix @ 28749 Miles

While riding home a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a  significant oil leak. I was in Beverly, so brought it into Cycles 128 for service. Although it took a couple of weeks to get the bike back, both the valve cover and right crankcase cover were resealed and refitted. Also, the tech thought the engine oil level was too high (I had been checking it, it read fine --- and 128 did the oil change last November and I hadn't added any oil since). The engine was power washed, so it nice and clean now. They did a good job, and only charged me for 2 hours of labor.

Anyway, I rode it home yesterday and all was fine. Now I have new seals on the valve and crankcase covers ... so I should be well contained for a while.

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