Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Spark Plugs at 31755

The maintenance schedule says replace every 8000 miles ... I hit the number, so I bought and installed 2 NGK CR8EHIX-9 Iridium plugs ( about $8 each on Amazon).

(actually, the plugs were last replaced at 22,460 miles, so they were in for 9,295 miles. They still looked fine)

My tips 

  • Use a 10"  long socket extension to clear the seat ...
  • The right side spark plug cap (with extension) barely clears ... takes a while to displace
  • No anti-seize required
  • A spark plug socket with a rubber insert is handy to remove the plug after loosening
  • Torque as per the diagram on the box ... 1/8 turn after seating. Owners manual says first give it a 1/2 turn , loosen again, re-seat, and the go 1/8 turn.  

A fairly straight forward job.

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